Sunday, 29 November 2009

Media in the online age; Evaluations for Production work: DIY post-it videos

The best way to understand the way that media in the online age work is to have a go at making some yourself. Lots of people shoot bits of video and upload them to youtube, but a lot of it is a bit random or just documenting stuff in an unplanned way. Some of it turns out to be interesting or funny, but usually just for a small minority of viewers- maybe if you shot some material at a gig and uploaded it, the people who were there would watch it to look for themselves in the crowd; or if you had some footage of your mates falling over, they'd watch it to laugh at it. The real challenge is to make something that other people will watch and get something from.

When you make your A level production work, like a music video or a film opening, it's worth uploading to youtube or vimeo so that you can display it on your blog; you can also see how many people have watched it and whether you get any feedback. Sometimes, you might get accidental views if the title of the music track is well known, or your film name is the same as a real film. If what you've made is any good, perhaps they will come back for more or leave a comment.

When you come to do your evaluation, it is possible to do a voiceover and post that online, or you can use things like the annotations available in youtube. Sometimes these can be quite annoying when they pop up when you are watching videos, but you can turn them to your own advantage for your evaluation. In this one, Yasmin and Tilly are annotating their video to answer the question on how they addressed their audience:

There are lots of online tutorials about how to do these kinds of thing:

This one on youtube explains it well, if you follow the steps.

These though are 'virtual post-it notes'. There is a whole genre of videos on the web which use real post-it notes. This piece of work, reflecting on the life of its maker, has over a million hits:

And there are a number of homemade videos which were entered for a competition run by the Post-it note company to advertise their products. Post-it stopmotion features quite a bit on youtube- I like this one:

You could also make videos about the ways in which you use the web and how it all fits together. My colleague Nick just made this one as an introduction to ideas about media in the online age.

He calls it a lo-fidelity post-it video.

First Attempt at a Post-It Presentation from nick on Vimeo.

Instead of powerpoint presentations and slideshows about what's happening on the web, why not try using post-its as the starting point for video presentations and uploading them to youtube? This is a challenge to students to make post-it videos useful for everyone for the exam- to help them with ideas and revision, choose a topic- some aspect of media in the online age which you find interesting and try to explain it with the help of post-its. make the video- keep it simple by just using a webcam or a stills camera- and then upload it to youtube, tagging it with 'post-its' and 'media magazine' Let's see how many we can get up there and I'll give a prize for the best one I find!

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