Monday, 25 January 2010

Media in the online age: Virtual Revolution

I am ashamed to say that I only discovered this project about a week ago and then only by the kind of accident that can only happen on the web! Some of our students had posted a message on facebook asking if any new bands would be prepared to let them use their music for the titles of their video. they heard back from a band called Kids love lies, whose video here was directed by Barry Pilling. I was quite impressed with his stopmotion style, so I clicked on his youtube profile and found this mashup:

In turn, my curiosity took me on to the source of the material, the tremendous BBC Digital Revolutions site. Here I discovered a treasure trove of information and potential activity for Media in the online age...

The BBC has been making a series of programmes about the digital age over the last few months; should be interesting... and they start this saturday on BBC2 at 8.30. But this site offers something much more interesting- all the raw footage from interviews, locations and graphics can be downloaded and re-used by anyone to make anything. The BBC asks you to agree to their version of Creative Commons and to say that if you re-upload something you have mashed up from this footage you will put a link to the source, but what it puts in your hands is some amazing stuff.

All kinds of web experts and pioneers like Tim Berners-Lee (WWW) and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) offer insights into the extent of the changes that the 'digital revolution' has brought about and you can take this footage and shape it in new ways. It seems to me that just playing around with it and making something new from it would probably help you remember some of the things that they talk about and would certainly give you the chance to play around with the meaning of the material. The makers set up a competition in the autumn where you were asked to create a short film or trailer for the series. Take a look at Cassetteboy's work:

Anyway, it starts this weekend on Tv, so don't miss it- essential viewing for the A2 exam topics of Media in the Online Age and WeMedia (and all the others!) could have some fun with the footage. Just go to Digital Revolution.

Just started watching the first ! Absolutely fantastic in every respect. Record it, keep it, re-watch it and revise from it. Download it from iPlayer, stick it on your iPhone. This is your no.1 resource for G325!

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