Sunday, 24 October 2010

Conference 21 October

What a great day! We all really enjoyed ourselves and felt a great atmosphere from the whole event. As I get them, resources from the day will be added here.

The day began with an excellent presentation by David Buckingham deconstructing the attacks on Media Studies which often appear in the media. The presentation is here

This was followed by Julian McDougall's presentation in which he encouraged students to take on a critical role in relation to theory and applying it to mainstream media. Julian emphasised the political nature of claims about democracy in the media. His presentation is here.

My presentation after break was made easy for me because I had so many great bits of student work to show to illustrate my points (and one or two not so great bits). Most of what I said is covered in previous blogposts but I have also added the written bits of the slides here and one of the videos.

Annette Hill's presentation on media representation of the supernatural was very interesting and her book is linked here.

Jenny Grahame gave an overview of how you might develop your skills as a student of media and how MediaMagazine might help.

View more presentations from petefrasers.

The panel session at the end of the day was very entertaining, with some lively questions from the audience and some good advice from our panellists. Paul's advice was to always be on time, Lindy's was to not be fearful of getting knockbacks and Ed advised to really know what you want to do and be focussed.

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