Tuesday, 8 May 2012

music industry for g322

In last week's blogpost, I offered some general advice about approaching the second question on the AS exam paper- on audiences and institutions. This post homes in on some material you might access to help you with your answer.

Whatever the question in the exam, if you are doing the music industry, you will be able to use the material you have gathered. This area is always a good one for up-to-date examples which illustrate the complexities of the topic. In this post, I shall point you to a few useful resources and it will be up to you to decide how to make use of them.

Ameena Molyneaux's blog contains lots of useful examples on marketing, production, piracy, distribution and audience. A look through the videos, presentations and documents there would give you some good material for approaching questions on any of those areas. Of particular use, tucked away in the links at the end of her blog is the trade publication: Music Week. Here you can find lots of recent stories with relevant facts and figures you could use to back up arguments about the industry. Also useful is the BPI website, which gives you things from the industry's perspective.

The Guardian has a whole section on the music industry, with a massive database of old stories. There is a lot currently on the front page relating to online services such as iTunes and Spotify, plus the deal involving EMI and Sony and the blocking of Pirate Bay. A read through anything relating to material you have considered previously will help refresh the issues for you before the exam and give you some current case studies to use.

There are also a few good infographics relating to the music industry to be found online. Be careful though, if you use them, to make sure you understand what they mean. Here's one which has some good data. This one has some figures about piracy. I also found this interesting pinterest site which has loads of links to useful stuff. Lots of it won't really be relevant to the exam, so it's up to you to wade through it, but if you fancy a bit of a diversion into other areas of music, it will give you lots of ideas.

Good luck!


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