Sunday, 6 October 2013

interesting stuff about the web...

This week, some links to interesting stuff about the Web.

What did people imagine in 1969?

This extraordinary video, despite some rampant sexism, does predict today's web (or some elements of it) quite accurately! Note online shopping and banking, plus the ability to spy on people (a combination of webcam and CCTV). It doesn't mention videos about cats though, strangely enough...

The size of the Web...

Imagine if you there was a map of the internet which showed the relative size of each website, like a map of the universe showing how big the planets are? Well you can see it now!

An interactive map here will show you how big Facebook, the BBC and all kinds of other sites are; it helps put things in a bit of perspective. Try entering the names of sites that you use to see their relative size.

The scale of Twitter

How much tweeting is going on at any given moment and where is it happening? Again there is an interactive map so you can see it in action!

Here it is, showing where the last one million tweets were sent. Zoom in and you might find the one you just posted!

Want to set up your own Web TV station? Check out this site! 

How do you find out about internet use? A good place to start with some data is the American website Pew Research. They carry out research on all kinds of social trends and attitudes, including web use. So, for example, they have information on ownership and use of media technology: and social network use: . Have a look and see what else you can find of use.

And...thanks to @digitaldaisies for pointing me to this article in The Guardian questioning simplistic oppositions between technology use and real life interactions.

Identity and the Web: Chris Poole, founder of 4Chan, has interesting things to say about Identity online in this video and article from Wired Magazine.

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