Monday, 25 November 2013

Principles for Production: Getting the Best Out of Your Students’ Media Production Work

This post contains all the links to material shown on my course for teachers at the English and Media Centre on 26 November. 

Some questions raised during the day:

What do we assume know already when they start our courses?
What strategies do we use to build up their skills with equipment?
What is more important: process or product?
How can we help students do better peer feedback?
What is meant by research? By planning? By evidence of process?
How do we ensure success for everyone in the class? 
How do we stretch everyone?  
What is  the relationship of practice to media concepts and theory 
How do we keep assessment fair but also simple?
How do we plan a unit of work to maximise both active production and critical reflection?

Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such an enjoyable day.

We focussed on a number of activities which can be done with students to build up skills:

Activity1 Sweding – and
Sweding is always a good ice-breaker!

This activity is a multiple task, featuring a phone call with a series of pre-determined shots, the exchange of an object, and an explosion!

Activity 2 The Phone Call- (part of this whole piece)

The shoot-out is a classic piece of editing, worth doing as an early task.

Activity 3 The shoot out-,

The preliminary task, set as part of the OCR A level, is a useful way to learn to understand continuity editing for any course:

Activity 4 Continuity task:

Re-makes are a really good way to build skills:

The Jamie's Dream School Trailer is followed by the original; also featured here are a  Juno titles re-make, a playlist of music video re-makes and some horror trailers. 

A different kind of re-make, in which each group shoots their own version of a script and then compare choices made with the real version helps with analytical skills. The Holby script is available online.
Activity 11: shooting from a script- Holby City

This is great! We made six second adverts with random products, audiences and objects to appear in the shot. One is here:

Activity 13: re-make a titles sequence using lego:

Latymer Showcase  Really strong production work for GCSE and A level

Activity 14: CD cover meme and ‘creativity’: The group made their own!

Activity 17: Invoices, Top trumps, Islands, Opies
(you may have to hunt for some of these, but there are loads of great tasks on here!)

After effects:

Dave, Kirsty, Rebecca and Mary, Michael


  • Assume Nothing, Organise Everything
  • Build up Skills
  • Learning is Recursive, So must be Practical Work
  • Process is vital to Learning; Product is important for self-esteem
  • Streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch everyone!
  • Theory and Practice go hand in hand
  • Soft Skills are crucial; Production helps develop them!
  • Peer Learning needs managing, but is often the best way of learning
  • Steal from everybody, but share with everybody too
  • All should have fun!
Photos of Top Tips from each group done at end of day:

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