Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Conference

Friday saw over 500 students from all over England come to the Institute of Education in London to hear a great set of speakers for the annual MediaMagazine conference.

First up was David Buckingham, who talked about marketing and young people; David has researched this area and had many interesting observations. A PDF of his powerpoint is available on the Media Magazine website for teachers completing the post-conference survey, available here:

David makes a point

David was followed by Robbie McKillop, whose first series as a TV director, 'A Young Doctor's Notebook' had come to a close the night before on Sky Arts. Robbie gave a very entertaining talk about his work and particularly about directing stars like Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe.

The final presentation of the morning was from Laura Harvey of the CelebYouthUk project, who got the audience involved with their views on celebrities and how hard they work. Laura's slides are also available to those completing the survey.
Laura had plenty to say about Will Smith in particular, who has come up a lot in the research project in terms of young people's favourite celebrities.

In the afternoon, we were joined by Producer, Michelle Eastwood, whose first feature, 'In Our Name' starred Joanne Froggatt, now better known for her role in 'Downton Abbey'. Michelle took us through the process of making a film in an excellent detailed case study, which is also available to teachers completing the survey.

Finally, we heard from Producer/Director David Brindley, whose most recent work is 'Educating Yorkshire'. David took lots of questions from the audience on a range of issues raised by the programme and gave us a real insight into how it is produced and constructed.

A panel of young people at the end encouraged delegates to apply for the BFI Film Academy residential at the NFTS- as advertised in previous posts here.

The survey for teachers is available here- please give us feedback on the event and download the PDF!
There is also a survey for students about the conference here.

Coming soon will be videos of presentations, which will be available via the subscriber site.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Media Magazine Conference Friday!

Just a reminder that it's the conference on Friday and we will be hearing from...

David Buckingham about Media, Marketing and Young People

Laura Harvey from the CelebYouthUK project

Michelle Eastwood about the film she produced, 'In Our Name'

David Brindley, Director of 'Educating Yorkshire'

Robbie McKillop, Director of 'A Young Doctor's Notebooks'

and three of the participants in the April 2013 NFTS/BFI Film Academy residential about why YOU should apply!

Materials from the event will be posted on here after the conference