Saturday, 11 January 2014

Resources for 2014

The MediaMag Conference 2013 less than 90 seconds!

Video extracts from all the presentations will be available for subscribers in February .

Next, a bit of a ragbag of stuff this week, from things people have sent me which I've forgotten to write about, to opportunities for readers!

1. A good talk by Matt Locke about new ways in which audiences consume the media:

2. A documentary about The Pirate Bay:

3. UK tribes all about how marketing breaks down the youth audience

4. Dave Harrison's excellent blog collection!

5. Year of the Selfie? article about photographing young people:

7. And opportunities...the Media Magazine production competition 2014: entry form here Applications close 28 March

8. And don't forget you can apply for the BFI Film Academy national residential at the NFTS here; applications close 3 Feb.


  1. Thanks Pete! Really useful stuff. I'm definitely using Wired magazine resource and getting my sttudents to debate the issues after having constructed drafts of their case studies.

  2. Pete, thank you for all the helpful resources!

  3. Great stuff! I got my Year 13s to do a mock preliminary task for music videos, but rather than get them to recreate an existing music video, I got them to create a simple close-up, performance-based music video for a novelty song...
    Alan Riley
    St. Anne's (12534)