Wednesday, 5 November 2014

20 Ideas to refresh your media teaching

Really, you needed to be there! A course for teachers run by me and Tom Woodcock, 6th Nov 2014 at the EMC...The twenty ideas:

Get to Know the Class

About Me

Post-It Lesson Plans

Twitter: Interactive Media in the Classroom

Out to Shoot

Storyboard: Choose your Weapon


Cut and Paste

Bingo for Writing

Assessment Challenges

Instagram Adverts

Don Draper

Research and the Art of Recording Learning


‘External’ ‘Experts’

Do Something Different

Rough Cuts and Step Deadlines

Attention to Detail

Writing for an Audience

Reflective Island

And the resources we used:

2  About.Me: a good site for students to create a profile

3 examples of post-it lessons based on

4 @bcotmedia does a lot of this!

5 other induction task videos here:

6 Storyboard this:

a person is standing outside a window
they look in through the window
they are shocked at what they see

What kind of storyboard sheets do you use?

Re-makes are a really good way to build skills:
  NFTS students do it with a painting! :

The Jamie's Dream School Trailer is followed by the original; also featured here are a  Juno titles re-make, a playlist of music video re-makes and some horror trailers. 

Tv- and 



music video extract-,   


Re-makes can work well in print too:

re-make a film poster: (GCSE)

8 An exercise in image selection for a newspaper

9 The Bingo grid- put nine words on a grid and students write a mini essay using all nine then peer assess

10 Discussion of challenges around assessment

11 Instagram ads- choose object of stationery
take three advertising photos
put on instagram
think of target audience
leave negative space on pic for tagline
be ready to pitch

12 Pitch using the pictures!

13 Taking notes using paper v digital

14 Collaboration- the advantages of it for both coursework and research for exams!

15 Some people you might invite into the media classroom:

other staff
SMT / Governors
media practitioners
other arts/media organisations

16 Different ideas! The CD cover meme:

Use the title of a randomly-generated Wikipedia article. You HAVE to use the title of the page you land upon!1. Get a band name:

2. Get an album title: 
Use the last four or five words from the last quote on this page of random quotations

3. Get your image:
Use the random images  generator from Flickr's last seven days you HAVE to use the third image, whatever it is

4. Drop image and words into Photoshop:

Adjust your band name and album title by changing the font, colour and size and maybe putting a bit of layer effect on. Resize your image so that it is the right size for the front of an album. If you want, you can turn colour into black and white, but you can’t add anything else to the image!

The shoot out-

17 rough cuts and step deadlines- a better way to organise projects

18 a couple of sensational videos:

19 Tips for exam writing:

short sentences
short paragraphs
line spacing
concrete examples

20 Reflection Islands- thinking about your experience of courses!

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  1. When I was a child, I wasn't occupied with realizing what the media had in store for me: I was more in order to straightforward projects, for example, Sesame Street, and Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Guardians in the 70's truly didn't urge the media to do their work. The accentuation was put in the educational systems and assignment writers. So why the media turn into a solid showing instrument in today's general public?